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One of the decisions one must take while planning his safari in Africa is whether to stay in public campsites or lodges or tented camps. Both decisions are fantastic and really depend upon your needs and wishes. We can’t over emphasize how humble and incredible is the experience of sleeping in a normal camping tent, over the savanna, under the starry sky and hearing wild animals during the night. Of course, it’s also a great opportunity to do a life-changing safari while keeping a low budget. If you are not the adventurous type, comfort is something you value and your budget is a little bit higher, then why not stay in luxury lodges or tented camps? When it comes to sheer indulgence, a safari in Tanzania can provide some of the most luxurious experiences in the world while still maintaining its traditional allure and feeling of authenticity. The difference between a lodge and a tented camps is that a lodge is a more traditional room with solid walls while a tented camps consists of luxury large tents, with real beds and en-suite toilets and shower.

We offer you a wide range of excellent Tanzania travel game lodges and tented campsite accommodation to choose from. In Tanzania we can also offer you different standards and quality of Tanzania travel accommodation, each directly impacting on the total safari travel costs, but offering you the widest possible safari budget options.

Luxury and semi luxury game lodges: The luxury and semi-luxury Tanzania travel lodges are usually located in superb surroundings. Rooms are tastefully furnished and of a very high quality and provide magnificent views over the game parks.  The latter are more expensive and offer the ultimate in Tanzania travel luxury.

Standard game lodges: The standard game lodges resemble 3 star hotel accommodation. Some travel lodges feature swimming pools, a bar and all meals are served in restaurants. All rooms offer en-suite bathrooms and good value for money travel accommodation.

Permanent tented camps: The accommodation quality of the permanent camps are similar or superior to that of the standard lodges, but accommodation is in individual, large canvas sided tents erected on platforms. All tents offer private en-suite bathroom facilities with hot showers. All the tented camps feature high quality restaurants, bars and some have swimming pools. Not all Tanzania national parks have tented camps on offer. Should you choose this option for a safari and a tented camp is not available in a specific Tanzania national park, then standard lodge accommodation will be used and your safari charged accordingly.

Adventure camping: All our adventure camping safaris use public campsites, which all offer basic facilities including communal toilets, washing areas, hot or cold showers and usually a bar. At campsites all meals are served outside, using tables and chairs. In case of rain, a shelter or mess tent is provided. Standard tents are used unless otherwise requested. All our adventure camping safaris are accompanied by a driver / guide and a cook.

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